Sunday outfit inspo

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Came across this look on my tumblr and thought it would be the perfect sunday brunch outfit. Fuss-free, simple and comfortable. And can we just have a moment for the shoes…

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Sporty vibes

ASOS trousers / River Island top
So I was supposed to return these trousers way over 2 months ago but somehow they managed to hide themselves under a sea of blue jeans and trousers, which meant that I totally forgot about them and now it's too late to return. Grrr. The only consolation I have is that they were super cheap in the sale anyway, not sure about the exact price but under £10 for sure, and I like to get my moneys worth so I'm gonna wear em anyway. Not sure why I didn't like them the first time round, but they're actually not too bad, and quite comfy. I just wore a button up blouse, the biggest peace sign hoops I could find and converse, because I really don't have any other summer time shoe.. I really don't. No honestly I don't.   

Ok, enough with the judge-y eyebrow raise.


Bow tie up

bow tie street style

So I was recently browsing (read: stalking daily) the asos website and came across a bunch of new bow ties in a bunch of different colours, materials and shapes. And no, I wasn't browsing the dudes section! I think most of us relate bow ties to old men, super sophisticated black and white parties or your high school prom, but no more. Well they might still be associated with those, but now, they will be the game changing accessory that completely transforms a plain old button up to a Saint Laurent approved outfit.  It's definitely a statement, so for the less bold among us, I think the more slouchy bows are the way to go, rather than the full on structured bow! I'm sure you could even DIY it if you were crafty like that, but if not they're super cheap anyway. Snap some up before I buy em all!

bow tie a/w14
1 / 2 / 3
4 / 5 / 6

Most of them were styled simply over a white button up and I think the more colourful ones will look chic popping under a jumper, in the autumn time, paired with an oversized floppy hat.


black, white and red

H&M trousers, tank and gilet / ASOS hat

I really need to stop wearing layers in this heat but, I always feel like my outfit isn't complete until I throw on a little something on top.

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boots in july

ZARA jeans / H&M top, boots and bag

Going out to grab some food so I wore a loose blouse and my comfy slouchy jeans which I can't stop wearing. They're a really great alternative to the boyfriend jean because even though they are slouchy and super comfortable, they still have some shape to them and aren't super baggy.  I think they're still available online if you wanna nab a pair! 


A/W 14 shoe trend

A/W 14 trend- man shoes
Top: 1 / 2
Mid: 3 / 4 / 5
Bottom: 6 / 7

Brogues and loafers are set to be huge for the up-coming colder seasons and I couldn't be happier about that! I way prefer these to a standard ballerina flat because they add a lot of style to an outfit. I found a bunch of cool style and colours on sale on Dunes website so thought I'd share my top picks and I really like the first monochrome pair at the top. I'm pretty sure I saw Stephanie Pratt wearing them on MIC with a cute floral dress (if anyone cares..)! I know we still have a couple months of summer left but I can't deny that I'm pretty bored of summer dressing and can't wait for the weather to get a little cooler. Now go cray!