OK I lied..

River Island jacket and trousers / ASOS bow tie / Topshop shirt

...I haven't kept up my 'I'll post at least once a week' promise I made only a few months ago, blah blah blah, hey ho here is something I wore a couple weeks ago. And while typing this I realised that it's actually quite a man repelling outfit (possibly the oversized bow-tie?). And also that the stripes on the trousers seriously hurt me eyes. Or is it just me?

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depop gems

I love a good bargain, and the best place for hidden little bargains that are total gems is defo Depop. I picked up this sweeeet, 'Le Boy' inspired, bag from there a couple weeks ago and absolutely love it. Mainly because although it is designer inspired, it doesn't have the logo so it's not a fake which I wouldn't want. And secondly because it is such good quality and not every other girl will have it as it's not off the high-street. 

Now unfortunately you probably won't be able to find this exact bag on the depop app, but there are lots of other amazing clothes, bags and just about everything else being sold there. Most bloggers use the app too, so if you have a favourite and always wanted a rummage in their wardrobe, now you can just buy it all! 

So if you haven't already downloaded the app yet, I would say defo do!

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asos wishlist / Nov

asos wishlist novb

hat / jumper / rings 1 2 / cape / sunglasses / boots / watch / shirt

I'm forever stalking the ASOS website, especially since I downloaded the app, so here are a few things I wouldn't mind getting a hold of this month!


autumn layers

ASOS sweatshirt and jeans / Topshop gilet

Threw this on after work to quickly run to the post office. Super casual outfit but the oversized leather gilet adds something to the look. I'm also loving these mom jeans I picked up in the ASOS sale, really comfortable and easy to pair with almost everything!

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Asos Boyfriend Sweatshirt

ASOS Boyfriend Sweatshirt

These sweatshirts don't look like much, but I've been wearing them at least 3 times a week since I bought them! So easy to style and they have a great over-sized slouchy fit. Keep an eye out for my next post where I share how I styled them for autumn!


gilets for autumn

ASOS jeans and blouse / H&M gilet and bag

Gilets are perfect when it comes to layering in the autumn and you aren't ready to commit to a coat yet! So easy to chuck on a shirt or jumper, and if you have a leather or fur one, they can add a lot of texture or colour to the look.

Here are some of my fav!

gilets autumn

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