Fresh white kicks

Topshop shirt and tee / ASOS trousers, bag and shades / converse shoes

As the weather is getting warmer, I am realising that I don't own much summer appropriate footwear and just a tonne of boots, so I decided to get a pair of low top converses. These are the leather ones which, as my friend pointed out, would be a lot easier to clean and more rain-proof for our london weather. I wore them out today running errands with my mother and they were super comfy. Now I am off to spend the next 145 minutes at the cinema watching a Bollywood movie. Yay.


The 'I'm getting old' wishlist

Pillow spray / Blazer / Necklace / Cuff / Shoes / Lipstick / Watch / Bag / Mask

I turn *cough* twenty-cough-three-cough-cough-cough (when did this happen?!) on the 20th of this month and thought I would put together a list of stuff I want to buy, but don't want to pay for, just incase someone might wana buy me some (all) of it :)

When I was younger I always used to think that by the time I'm in my 20's I would have everything figured out, I'd have a car and a cool job that I love and do super cool things and travel lots, but of course, that's not the case and inside I still feel about 19 although I'm expected to act like I'm 25. IDK, maybe next year.. For now though,  I'm quite enjoying not having 'grown-up' responsibilities ;) !


Ciao Milano!

Topshop shirt / River Island cami / H&M pants / ZARA boots / ASOS hat

Super casual and simple outfit for our flight home. The trousers I bought when I Germany and totally forgot I even brought with me! They are really comfy and slightly high waisted so they'll be perfect for the summer with comfy cropped tops.

As for Milan, it was such a great little holiday, I had an amazing time with my friends and I defo want to visit Italy again. Rome would be pretty cool :)

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Milan Day 4

River Island jacket / H&M shirt / Topshop Bag

Ahh looking back at these pictures makes me miss Milan so much! On our last full day we went to lake Como, which is a cute little town about 30 min train journey away from Milan. I sneaked a quick 'outfit' picture in Zara, at the train station, while we were waiting for our train. It was a gorgeous hot day and the town was super pretty surrounded by mountains. We took a cable car (is that what they're called?) up to a higher part of town, from where the views were beaut, had a late lunch by the sea, walked around, had some ice cream, and then went off home to pack :(

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